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we support influencers to become omnipresent authorities in their industry


Being an Authority in your industry, having influence and reaching mass amounts of people is all about communicating your powerful brand story and building a personal relationship with the individuals in your community. 

Brands like Unconventional Life, I Trust You Movement and Nomad Life are taking over the millennial market because they have a clear mission and vision for the future of the market backed with a clear brand story. They connect deeply on social media and build personalized relationships with individuals, which creates an engaged community of raving fans. 


curated Influence


Our purpose at Authority Life is to support you in becoming a revolutionary, highly influential brand. We support you to build awareness with ease and integrity. We collaborate with you to develop a marketing plan to tell your brand story and vision, in your voice, which leads to high paying clients and your brand at the center of an engaged audience.

Let us help you consistently create engaging content and get it to the right audience. We get you podcast appearances, magazine features, guest blogs, and help you curate your social media all so that your brand has the authority and influence you desire. 


D.N.A. Brand Building


Our approach to brand building is rooted in actualizing potential and maximizing impact through first understanding the molecular D.N.A. of a founder/ team of founders. We dig deep to understand the specific molecules, unique gifts, strengths and talents that have potential reverence in the community. Then, unlike most other marketers who come up with a brand concept in a bubble, we go into your community to understand its desires and challenges.

Then through what we call crystallization of the brand idea, we leverage the founders' genetic molecules to meet the community's desires and build a business vehicle to monetize your audience through a group coaching offer, retreat, consulting offer or online program. 

The result is that the business resonates deeply in your community as it expresses the authenticity and heart of its founders' while meeting the community's specific needs. Success then becomes predictable. 


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About us

CEO & Public Relations / Jennifer Spencer
Social Influence Growth Expert / Kiley Devereaux
Video Experience Producer / Undra Robinson
President & D.N.A. Brand Builder / Omar Hassam


Jennifer Spencer 

Curious, Adventurous, Compassionate
Jennifer is a passionate story teller and writer for Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and Influencive. Her primary vision is help your brand get omnipresence and authority online so that you are placed at the center of an engaged audience. She believes that Brand authority comes from aligning all of the puzzle pieces. Think of our team of expert social media, content, PR, and video experts as your behind the scenes authority fuel. You do your magic, we share it with your audience where they are and support you to drive revenue with our business building team. 
We live in a world where anyone can become an influencer. One great blog post is cool, one Forbes feature can be cool, one carefully edited video repurposed on social is cool. And yet cool does not increase your sales, authority does! Brand authority comes from a collaborative approach in putting together your story puzzle pieces. We align with your message and tell your story across video, in the media, on podcasts, speaking engagements, high ticket funnels, and ensuring that you are the center of an engaged social conversation daily. In her spare time she loves to travel the world and go on adventures! 

omar portrait.png

Omar Hassam

Activator, Accelerator, Adventurer
Omar loves to support influencers in monetizing their audiences. Through his proprietary business building D.N.A.® approach he helps influencers to identify their unique value in a crowded market and launch a profitable offer to their audiences to drive revenue. Omar is an international traveler and in his free time, loves to salsa dance, sing R&B and works on his custom clothing line. To learn more about his business building philosophy visit Success Accelerators.

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Kiley devereaux

Experimenter, Optimizer, Trail Blazer
Kiley joined Instagram as a way to chronicle her life abroad, she decided to make it an experiment out of it. Instead of her usual approach to learning a new hobby (extensive research, then execution), she played around with different tactics, and ended up growing her following almost effortlessly, with no foundational knowledge of “How to be Good at Instagram”.
Once she realised that other people needed help doing something that came naturally to her, Kiley saw an opportunity to combine her passion for knowledge and visual storytelling with her desire to help people. Through learning your life story, and developing a deep understanding of your unique perspective/worldview, Kiley is excited to help you translate your authentic vision/voice, express it to your audience, and grow your community.

Undra2 (1).png

Undra robinson

Activator, Dreamer, Celebrator
Ever since Undra studied Marketing at GWU, he has loved curating content and branding. To help brands build their market presence and become the forefront of their audiences’ thoughts is what brings him joy. Undra worked in the Marketing Department at The St. Regis Washington, DC, which further ignited his passion for brand marketing, advertising, and photography after graduation. That assignment taught him the importance of changing minds and perspectives.
Undra loves creating videos and capturing photographs that tell his clients’ stories and speak to their customers. He is a researcher and community organizer. He digs deep to understand his clients, their customers, their visions and goals, and how to pull it all together to build a community that changes the world. Being in the background and helping clients bring their visions to life, allows him the opportunity to make a difference in the world while doing what he loves. He is a singer, who enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating great food, and traveling the world.