How To Scale Your Content to Improve Conversions

Sharing your brand’s story is extremely important in growing your community and presence; but without capitalizing on your Instagram account to share it, you might as well be using the ‘gram as a hobby. This direction would be a missed opportunity to spread value and be compensated for that value’s worth. That is why, while building your Instagram you must take action and create an online experience for your community. Having an online experience is what takes your business to the next level, and helps solve the problems and challenges of your community. Your business should be the solution that gives them their biggest desires in the market you choose to target.

There are five main steps to creating an online experience, and I am going to outline these steps to help you understand their importance and how to execute them.  The first step is your content. As I said in my previous post, you want to ensure your content is on brand, visually appealing, helpful and supportive of your community, and draws them in to visit the link in your Instagram bio. This brings us to the next step, your landing page. This page tells your followers that if they desire to have more information about who you are and what you offer, they should provide an email address, and in turn you will give them a link to your webinar. This webinar will provide them tremendous value and share with them what pain points you solve for them.

The third step in the online experience is offering them to take a call with you. By the time your followers have provided an email address and listened to your webinar, they are going to want to set up an appointment. At the end of your webinar if they want to learn more you have them complete an application; and if they are a good fit for your company, then you sign them up as a client. Not everyone will complete an application, and that is fine and to be expected. When that happens, you enter the fourth step, you email them valuable content. These emails are not encouraging them to buy anything, you are simply sharing with them the value your business offers, such as podcasts, newsletters, and any kind of information that will help your audience out. Then at the final step, you give them access to your more in ways, an event you are attending that they can go to and meet you in person, or an event you are hosting. In this final stage, you want to make sure you are offering those on your email list more than what they get via email. As time goes on, your valued offerings should increase, in the hopes that they will decide that they want their problem solved by you.

Successful businesses are built to address the needs of a community, and be a solution to the problem. Sometimes they are problems clients do not realize they have until they are presented to them. When creating Authority Life, the desire was to help influencers become omnipresent in their communities. We know the power of Instagram, and we also know entrepreneurs don’t have the time to build and grow their businesses, run their social media accounts, create funnels, landing pages, and much more at the same time. So we decided to do something about it. In developing your business, ensure you are seeking to solve a need. Then create a well-curated Instagram account and an online experience that will leave your followers wanting more and more value from you. To the point where they decide to click on the landing page link in your bio, fill out their email address, watch your webinar, complete an application, and opt to keep getting valuable information from you via email. Then you will watch your business grow, expand, evolve and do more to help solve problems and satisfy desires.

Instagram coupled with an online experience is essential to being an authority in your community. Follow the five steps: creating content; building a landing page; setting up a call; emailing them valuable content; and giving them access to more value through a special offering; and you will see magic happen in your business. If this sounds like a daunting process, then Authority Life would love to set up a call with you and discuss how to help you.

Instagram Growth Hacking: How to Get Targeted Followers and Drive Revenue Like a Boss

Whether you are running a mega corporation, a small business, or your personal brand, strategic marketing for Instagram is a key concept and a huge contributing factor to your success. Using Instagram in this day and age is a must. For those that are already using it, great!! If you are not currently using Instagram, I suggest creating an account today. Don’t overthink it, go to (or download the app), and sign up.

Uploading photos to Instagram is easy, but it is important to use strategic thinking when growing your account. You want to ensure you are building your followers in a manner that reflects quality, value, and integrity. This is key in sending the message that you, and your brand, are trustworthy. Authority Life’s foundation is about growing Instagram accounts in the right way, and not using bot technology and following random users just to increase your numbers.

It is essential to spend time each day researching your competitors’ Instagram accounts to find quality followers. Once you have identified those followers, you MUST engage with them instead of using bots and share feeds, which increase your followers but not your engagement. If you remember one thing from this article, remember that engagement drives organic growth. This in turn builds your community, which will be your audience for years to come.

Instagram followers are smart, and they can tell when the goal is to simply build a following that is not authentic. You have probably witnessed it yourself; you know that page that has 10K followers, but fewer than 100 likes and maybe 3 comments. These are the pages with lots of followers but not a lot of engagement, and the numbers don’t add up. That’s because they don’t have an organic strategy.

Instagram growth is extremely important, and in this digital and social media driven society, I hope everyone who runs or wants to run a successful brand knows that. There really is no other place like it to tell your story, showcase your personality and visual content, and engage with your community on a daily basis. If you want to grow your Instagram account organically, then follow the daily steps of researching your competition’s accounts to identify quality followers, engage with those followers versus using bots or share feeds, post quality content and visual images. If you want us to do it for you, please set up a strategy session by clicking on the Apply Now link on our website. Either way, we wish you all the best in your efforts to grow your community on Instagram.  


Creating Real Instagram Engagement For Growth

Content is one thing, but curated content takes your Instagram to another level. This other level makes your page, your brand, and your story stand out more to your community and your potential followers. If you want to have high value, you should always curate your social media feeds correctly. High value means you are seen as an Authority in your industry. When your community visits your page or sees your content in their feed, they learn something new. This grows and drives your reach, your brand, and your revenue.

Those with the intention of building an authoritative brand are probably wondering what it means to have a well-curated page. To achieve this, you should ensure you are editing your photos and videos in a professional manner, using the right tools for the job. You may want to apply a filter on your content to present visual consistency. Make sure you develop captions that are well thought out, meaningful, and provide knowledge to your followers. Also, you should make sure you research and use specific and applicable hashtags to your brand’s overall theme and story, and create at least one branded hashtag that is specific for your content.

One of the easiest ways to determine the theme or aesthetic of your Instagram is to use your website as a guide. This ensures you stay on brand. Another option is to use the most popular curations out right now. Black or white borders, rectangle borders, the same tint or filter, white backgrounds, there are many thematic options to choose from. Once you have it, it is best to stick with the one you chose to use in the beginning. There are many apps out there that help you curate your content. I suggest researching a few and figuring out which you like best. Some of them are UNUM, Preview, Planoly and Plann. Quality apps allow you to preview your grid, edit your images, create the captions with each post and add hashtags. All of this is done prior to actually posting to your Instagram page. One thing I suggest is that you develop captions that align with the images, videos and/or quotes that you are posting, but also add value to your followers.

Lastly, you need to find the right hashtags for your account. Do not fall into the trap of using the most popular hashtags, but use hashtags that are specific to your audience and have an engaging community. This is the best way to get targeted engagement on your posts. The more narrow the scope of your hashtags, the greater your engagement will be. For example, if you use a hashtag that has 12 million posts, it is too broad. Instead use a hashtag with 500,000 posts, the more under 1 million, the better. Remember, do your research! Don’t use random hashtags, use ones that your audience is using and searching. Research what hashtags your competitors are using as well. This does not mean you want to use the same ones, but it will give you greater insight as to what hashtags potential customers are using and which ones might work best for you. Look at what your industry influencers are using and piggyback off their success. Every industry has them and they are easy to recognize. Lastly, look for related hashtags that are similar and potentially good to use to broaden your reach and attract new followers.

Curation is often used when discussing art in a museum. In the digital world, Instagram is a museum; and that art should be well curated at all times. When a brand’s story is properly crafted, it showcases the personality, the mission and vision of your business, and personifies your brand to be more than just a company seeking to make a profit.

There is so much information to see on social media, so you want to ensure you stand out and leave an impression. Curated content helps ensure that your community will follow you, learn from you, engage with you, and listen to what you have to share with them. Putting effort into growing your Instagram account shows that you genuinely want to give your followers the best content you have to offer. Gone are the days that consumers will engage with any company they come across. Now it is about consumers buying from the companies they trust, and following the brands they feel vested in, and who they feel are vested in them.

Remember, we are now in 2018, and it is more important than ever to stand out among your competitors and the noise in the crowd.