Creating Real Instagram Engagement For Growth

Content is one thing, but curated content takes your Instagram to another level. This other level makes your page, your brand, and your story stand out more to your community and your potential followers. If you want to have high value, you should always curate your social media feeds correctly. High value means you are seen as an Authority in your industry. When your community visits your page or sees your content in their feed, they learn something new. This grows and drives your reach, your brand, and your revenue.

Those with the intention of building an authoritative brand are probably wondering what it means to have a well-curated page. To achieve this, you should ensure you are editing your photos and videos in a professional manner, using the right tools for the job. You may want to apply a filter on your content to present visual consistency. Make sure you develop captions that are well thought out, meaningful, and provide knowledge to your followers. Also, you should make sure you research and use specific and applicable hashtags to your brand’s overall theme and story, and create at least one branded hashtag that is specific for your content.

One of the easiest ways to determine the theme or aesthetic of your Instagram is to use your website as a guide. This ensures you stay on brand. Another option is to use the most popular curations out right now. Black or white borders, rectangle borders, the same tint or filter, white backgrounds, there are many thematic options to choose from. Once you have it, it is best to stick with the one you chose to use in the beginning. There are many apps out there that help you curate your content. I suggest researching a few and figuring out which you like best. Some of them are UNUM, Preview, Planoly and Plann. Quality apps allow you to preview your grid, edit your images, create the captions with each post and add hashtags. All of this is done prior to actually posting to your Instagram page. One thing I suggest is that you develop captions that align with the images, videos and/or quotes that you are posting, but also add value to your followers.

Lastly, you need to find the right hashtags for your account. Do not fall into the trap of using the most popular hashtags, but use hashtags that are specific to your audience and have an engaging community. This is the best way to get targeted engagement on your posts. The more narrow the scope of your hashtags, the greater your engagement will be. For example, if you use a hashtag that has 12 million posts, it is too broad. Instead use a hashtag with 500,000 posts, the more under 1 million, the better. Remember, do your research! Don’t use random hashtags, use ones that your audience is using and searching. Research what hashtags your competitors are using as well. This does not mean you want to use the same ones, but it will give you greater insight as to what hashtags potential customers are using and which ones might work best for you. Look at what your industry influencers are using and piggyback off their success. Every industry has them and they are easy to recognize. Lastly, look for related hashtags that are similar and potentially good to use to broaden your reach and attract new followers.

Curation is often used when discussing art in a museum. In the digital world, Instagram is a museum; and that art should be well curated at all times. When a brand’s story is properly crafted, it showcases the personality, the mission and vision of your business, and personifies your brand to be more than just a company seeking to make a profit.

There is so much information to see on social media, so you want to ensure you stand out and leave an impression. Curated content helps ensure that your community will follow you, learn from you, engage with you, and listen to what you have to share with them. Putting effort into growing your Instagram account shows that you genuinely want to give your followers the best content you have to offer. Gone are the days that consumers will engage with any company they come across. Now it is about consumers buying from the companies they trust, and following the brands they feel vested in, and who they feel are vested in them.

Remember, we are now in 2018, and it is more important than ever to stand out among your competitors and the noise in the crowd.