Instagram Growth Hacking: How to Get Targeted Followers and Drive Revenue Like a Boss

Whether you are running a mega corporation, a small business, or your personal brand, strategic marketing for Instagram is a key concept and a huge contributing factor to your success. Using Instagram in this day and age is a must. For those that are already using it, great!! If you are not currently using Instagram, I suggest creating an account today. Don’t overthink it, go to (or download the app), and sign up.

Uploading photos to Instagram is easy, but it is important to use strategic thinking when growing your account. You want to ensure you are building your followers in a manner that reflects quality, value, and integrity. This is key in sending the message that you, and your brand, are trustworthy. Authority Life’s foundation is about growing Instagram accounts in the right way, and not using bot technology and following random users just to increase your numbers.

It is essential to spend time each day researching your competitors’ Instagram accounts to find quality followers. Once you have identified those followers, you MUST engage with them instead of using bots and share feeds, which increase your followers but not your engagement. If you remember one thing from this article, remember that engagement drives organic growth. This in turn builds your community, which will be your audience for years to come.

Instagram followers are smart, and they can tell when the goal is to simply build a following that is not authentic. You have probably witnessed it yourself; you know that page that has 10K followers, but fewer than 100 likes and maybe 3 comments. These are the pages with lots of followers but not a lot of engagement, and the numbers don’t add up. That’s because they don’t have an organic strategy.

Instagram growth is extremely important, and in this digital and social media driven society, I hope everyone who runs or wants to run a successful brand knows that. There really is no other place like it to tell your story, showcase your personality and visual content, and engage with your community on a daily basis. If you want to grow your Instagram account organically, then follow the daily steps of researching your competition’s accounts to identify quality followers, engage with those followers versus using bots or share feeds, post quality content and visual images. If you want us to do it for you, please set up a strategy session by clicking on the Apply Now link on our website. Either way, we wish you all the best in your efforts to grow your community on Instagram.